Inspired by colors and landscapes found in nature, my work focuses on textured, abstract compositions. My finished product is a result of dedication to my process while pushing boundaries whenever possible.


My paintings allow me to explore how color and sense of space can be carried throughout my work, yet convey something different in each piece. I use acrylic paint and various mediums, choosing colors intentionally to add meaning. By applying those colors in layers with unique combinations of tools - as traditional as a palette knife or as whimsical as bamboo skewers or handmade instruments - I’m able to break up fields of color and bring movement to a piece. I find enjoyment in manipulating the horizon line. Through this process, I am able to move beyond the confines of traditional painting to create an inviting, surprising new world for the viewer to enter.



I love hearing from corporate and private collectors, artists, and others who have inquiries about my art. Please email me at